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Tell Me a Story By Lisa Suhay

"Tell Me a Story" began a one fable written to cheer my then five-year-old son Zoltan,after an awful experience at a new school.

Webmaster Warren Kramer ran the fable on the Internet on a site called Daily Wisdom. Before long my e-mail was overflowing. People from around the globe from Austrailia to Zimbabwe were writing and asking for more.

A lovely woman from Texas, Ruthe Smith, read the fables and passed them on to a friend who took them to Paraclete Press. In less than a year of the first fable being written, a book was rolling to press.

Yes, this author believes in miracles and the power of the Net.

The Internet has allowed this mother of three small boys, ages 7, 6 and two, to write and release three books in two years with more on the way.

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