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"I dream you and you dream me. Places gone and yet to be.
 All our thoughts have power and might.
Now you have Dream Catcher sight."
-- from Dream Catchers by Lisa Suhay


This book began when Father Joseph Tedesco, pastor of St. Mary of the Lakes Roman Catholic Church in Medford, New Jersey, called and told me he had a friend who was a famous illstrator. His friend was in search of a new writer.

The illustrator, Louis S. Glanzman, had 12 beautiful paintings, pen and ink and acrylic. He needed a story to go with them.

When I agreed to meet with him, I did not know Mr. Glanzman had created Pippi Longstocking's original images and the covers for TIME. That was a stunning revelation that was made when I entered his home and saw the original artworks gracing his walls.

His new paintings, ranged from vivid pictures of dinosaurs to stunning renderings of American Indians. He thought they might become a story about children visiting their grandfather at his art studio and going inside paintings.

From there it became a 44 page book of the most beautiful illustrations ever bound into one book.

Carolyn and Zacary learn the fine arts of thinking and dreaming. They learn that dreams are worth hanging on to and that art can take you places.

They ride a triceratops, visit cave people and meet Plains Indians. They learn that artists, architects, writers all capture their dreams in different mediums.

I hope you will enjoy this new collaborative effort.

It released from Marsh Media of Kansas City, Missouri in September 2001. 

You can also Order Dream Catchers
 direct from Marsh Media
(ISBN# 155942181-9)
Please call: 1-800-821-3303.